Many of considerations, thinking about project and for the main many
collective trips were done before the first official moto club in Sokolovsko
Falcons riders was found by the company of moto fanciers. The sing and colors of
the club are taken from ancient heraldry of the town Sokolov.

Sokolov arose around the year 1313 during the rule of the Czech king Jan
Lucemburský. The oldest written reference to Sokolov came from April 13th, 1279.
There the noble stock of Nothafts "de Valkenawe" is reminded.

However, legend applies its foundation to mythic knight Sebastian which
kept hunting falcons there. The ancient town heraldry reminds of this legend, as
it shows the falcon of natural colors on the silver shield standing on the green
triple hill and having the gold beak, gold clutches and gold jingle bell. This
very legendary tale gave our club the colors and sing.

Work and effort of the founding members was crowned with a success as
October the 13th 2007 the magnificent entrance on the motobiker’s scene and great
celebration was held on the ranch Vránov.

From this day club is running in full open throttle and thanks to understanding
and help of many great people building up and setting up of new clubroom in the
town centre has began.

Falcons Riders will do not mean to ease up on the gas. On the contrary, they are
even accelerating their speed. They are intending to enlarge not only what the
number of members concern but also in the sense of high-quality actions, not
only limited on motobikers scene.